15 Fast Tips to Save Money When You are Expecting

1) Let your friends know that you are looking for baby clothes. It helps to mention this to people who have children already and maybe ready to clean out their stash. Don’t worry too much about baby fancy clothes. Seriously they poop and vomit on their tshirt all day. You only wear the fancy stuff to church. PS They don’t need shoes, they don’t walk.

2) Walk a lot, stay healthy. Avoiding a csection is important. If you have a desk job, take a break every hour and walk around. Also relax. PS Find out if your doc/practice  has a high c section rate.  If so, find one that doesn’t. C sections will cost you more downtime and if you pay a percentage, higher medical costs.

3) Buy diapers now, every time you go shopping. Picking up a pack here or there. BUT DON’T BUY ALL NEWBORN size. Trust me. They barely stay in that size longer than a New York minute. Get a lot of size 2 and 3. Keep your receipts so you can exchange them.

3) Tell everyone you are looking cheap or free stuff, high chairs, swings, etc. You can get good deals on Craigslist too and children’s consignment sales at Churchs. Here is my favorite Children’s Consignment Sale in Warrior, Al.

4) Get good at cooking at home. Learning to master the crockpot. I liked this site: http://www.365daysofcrockpot.com/

5) Read books about saving money. My favorite book evah is The Complete Tightwad Gazette.

6) DIY Your own cloth diapers. Yes I made my own diapers out of t-shirts. And then used Thirsty diaper covers over them. However in pinch once I used a plastic bag.

7) Use the car less. Don’t hop out when you don’t have all the ingredients. Make do! Google a recipe that has what you do have on hand.

8) Eat more beans. And rice. Better yet, don’t buy them canned but dried is even cheaper.

9) Shop around. Aldi is better on prices than Walmart and Kroger. Shop in two stores.

10) DIY Don’t buy paper towels, use cloth napkins.

11) Trade out!Trade babysitting services or bread making services for something you need. Know someone with piano, do you own a goat? Think of the possibilities.

12) If you have some land, get some chickens. You will teach your kids how to be responsible and you get a decent price on free range eggs. (okay might want to wait until the baby is older).

13) Find a family that has children older than you and tell them you would be happy to have their hand me downs. Or just stand around them giving them the googly eye, talking like Oliver Twist saying “Wow those are REEEALLLY nice clothes ya have dere”.

14) Always say thank you when people give you stuff and pass along what you don’t need. Be a fencer.

15) Enjoy yourself, having children is a wonderful thing.





The Paths of Time

Yesterday I was walking with my children. Correction. They were shooting up the road on their razor scooters. While I followed up behind, yelling, “wait up”.

I laughed to myself.

And remembered (insert zig zag screen here), I am a long cooker.

“You haven’t had that baby yet?”

“Oh my gosh, how many weeks past due are you”

“You haven’t had that baby yet?” (they like to ask this more than once).

I would walk, up and down the street with my HUGE belly. The neighborhood birds in between puffs of smoke would cackle at me, “hey Robin, not yet?”.

No, not yet, I would smile and sigh. Stopping to share the latest news.

Boy was I sight.

By myself puffing up that hill.

I walked up that hill with almost everyone of them.

I’d walk and walk and walk hoping to trigger labor. Maybe today, maybe tonight, I’d hope.

41 weeks….

42 weeks…


And with one of them I was in labor, I remember stopping to catch my breath…

Walk it out.

And now look at me.

They are running ahead and I am savoring this vision of them small, happy, laughing with tall mighty 60 year old trees towering above them.


All from my belly.

Thanks God.


PS Thanks to the High School student who came up with my  super creative post title.

Spring Break At Medieval Times & 4 Tickets to Giveaway!


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Whole Foods Deals 2/27/14 – 3/4/14

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Saturday Nite Funnies


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$3 off $30 Coupon Publix


Hey I got one of these in the mail today. Did you?

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