Kidecals-Labels for Kids

The Kidecals company contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in reviewing their product,  labels for kids, that are “delightfully versatile, crazy durable”.

I said sure. I wasn’t too sure how many uses I could come up with for some waterproof labels.

And then I saw their website! Now I had some ideas!

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 1.52.15 PMScreen shot 2014-09-01 at 1.52.24 PM


Ordering from the site was fun.

I have ordered labels before for the kids and sometimes they can be too generic or baby-ish. But this company, Kidecals has a great selection of labels.

I am somewhat of an artist, so I tend to order the more “hipster” style mom stuff. They actually break out their styles:

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 1.58.47 PM

I hit the Retro category first and I ordered these. Waterproof, colorful, relaxed camper style (also reminds me the Japanese flag). Looks cool and is good for boys and girls and adults stuff. I went with the Mega Set,  I wanted a nice mix of different sizes for various applications.

These actually might make a nice gift for someone who has everything!

Canoe Labels by Kidecal

The labels came really fast.

And then I started labeling…

And labeling.

And labeling.

Here are all the uses so far:

  • Kids book cart for school
  • 3 bookbags
  • 4 water bottles
  • My cd player I use at the co-op
  • My binders
  • The kids binders
  • My Ipad case
  • My Thirty-One bag
  • My clipboard

I still have some left, every few days, I find something else that could use a label.

Because as a family of 5 we do leave stuff behind sometimes;) And it’s nice when things find their way home right?

Thanks for reading!

Check out Kidecals here:



Note this review is for a product I received for free strictly for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% ZombieMommySaves

StrepCheck Review-At Home Strep Testing

StrepCheck At Home STREP A Throat Test

I was at a homeschool conference recently in a room with thousands of mothers and I came upon the most brilliant booth, an at home self strep test.

Seriously do you know how awesome this is?


I was so excited to talk with the representative at StrepCheck.


“Do you know how amazing this product is going to be for mothers?”, I asked.

Of course she got it, and if you are a mom reading this, you get it too. It happens, especially in Atlanta, home of the mega allergies (I made that up just now). I have always joked if you don’t have allergies before moving here, just wait, after two years, you will get them. Atlanta is a tree city. Our allergies counts are in the thousands on many spring days. Even our city gets a coat of fine yellow pollen from all the pine trees.

And along with that comes, sneezing, runny noses and sore throats.
Or is it?

Is it a sore throat or is it strep?

If the kids are in school, strep is like lice. It gets around. My little guy’s throat was scratchy and he also had been sneezing. I suspected his throat was red due to allergies, but what if I was wrong?

Who wants to haul four kids into a doctor, pay a copay and get a strep test? What if you think two kids have it? Then that’s two copays and possibly fees for the test.

Plus it never is just one visit… I always joke that you pick up extra copays when you go to the doctor because you pick up the sick germs at the doc’s office (see my article Vomit Apocalypse) which turns into extra visits.

Wouldn’t you rather swab your kid at home?

And that is what struck me when I walked by. Two at home Strep Tests for about $25. What a deal.

If it turns out to be strep then you can go in and get an official test (and medicine).

Here is how it looked a few days later when I got the test in the mail (next time I will have the tests in my medicine cabinet on standby).


Much better but still a little sore.

The process was so easy.  They have directions with visual instructions, dead simple.

1)Break ampule and mix solution pour into testing kit hole

2)You swab the back of the throat with the special long q tip (don’t touch the tongue, cheeks or teeth).

3)Put swab with sample into little hole of test where you just added the solution




5. It like a pregnancy test, the C stands for Control. This line after a minute will line up. This will show that you have done everything correctly so far.

6. Wait for it…

7. A line on the Green “T” line on the StrepCheck test will indicate a positive result. No line means, not a positive result, which means, you may have strep.

Yes there a room for human error but at the end of the day, I would rather do this in my home in five minutes than waste all that time and money and possibly exposure to more illness.

Thanks for reading.



Note: I am blogger and have received this product for free to review purposes. All opinions discussed here are 100% ZombieMommySaves.

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220 221 whatever it takes

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