Aldi New Items

Aldi Prices as of 05/24/14
They are adding more and more gluten free and organic options.
If you haven’t been in 6 months try them again!
Aldi is getting deeper into Trader Joe’s territory!


Organic Coconut Oil!
14oz for $4.99

Sour Cream
16 oz for $1.29

Butter Quarters
1lb for $2.49

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

8oz for $1.79

Broccoli Cuts (sale) 
16oz for $.89

Fish Sticks (not that I bought them, just sharing…cough cough)

Rice Cakes

Peanut Butter

Gluten Free Wraps
6 count $3.99 (will let you know if worth it)

Multigrain Chips


Dish Detergent
24oz for $1.89

Laundry Detergent

Chicken Salad (it’s REALLY good, worth the price)
$3.69 for 1lb

Aged White Cheddar Reserve (very good price! as good as Trader Joes)
10oz for $2.49



  1. Hey! Maybe you can answer my question that I emailed to aldi about the coconut oil! Is it clean processed or what? What does that back of the label say? :) it’s on special here starting tomorrow and can’t wait to get some! But only if it’s clean

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