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Organic Farming

My grandmother grew up on a farm in Waycross, Georgia, she would speak wistfully about it. She’d remind me several times a year that “when daddy and mama died, the land was to be split amongst the chil’ren”. Unfortunately, she never got her portion of the land. Her husband  would say it was because of religious differences but I think it could of been that she married a northerner. Either way, I can hear a hint of regret in her voice that she didn’t use her fork to stab someone for her bite back home.

“People always tell you to do what you love and if youʼre doing what you love, it doesnʼt seem like work. Iʼd much rather be out in the field in August, than behind a desk anytime of year.” William Hennessy

GROW! Movie Trailer (2:00) from Anthony-Masterson on Vimeo.

“Real jobs are hard to come by these days and I feel like this is the realest job of all.” Arianne 


I was entranced when I heard about a new film, “GROW!”. It is about 20 farmers from Georgia talking about organic sustainable farming. The hilarious subtitle on the poster was “Who Knew Georgia Farmers Could Be So Hot”.

So if you have ever considered becoming a farmer, this is it! This is your sign! Or even if you are thinking of starting a victory garden, get inspired by these who did it. GROW! is a documentary with first hand accounts of people explaining why the took up farming, but most importantly how they did it. How to grow food organically. Surprisingly, some did it without owning any land or equipment.

The best part of GROW! is that these people are relatable, they look like someone you would run into while having a beer at the Earl or on a college campus.

Can you do this? They did and they have enough tattoos to start a band. If you think being a farmer is just working hard, you are partly right, but it’s more. It’s about being an entrepreneur, a marketer, a salesman, an accountant and a nurturer.

In the movie, GROW! all of these couples seem to be saying the same thing. ‘This is the life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world’.

“People are reevaluating whether or not they need to make a whole bunch of money, or if they
need to provide a healthy, positive environment for their families and a comfortable way to live.”
Cory Mosser

Yes this was shot in Georgia but this is not Deliverance, this is Deliverance!

Would you like to win a DVD copy of GROW! ?

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Good luck.

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Film Festivals 2011
Winner Best American Documentary Rome International Film Festival
Winner Audience Choice Award Atlanta Docufest
Winner Focus Award Montana CINE International Film Festival
Winner Best of Category Montana CINE International Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary Short Asheville Cinema Festival
Official Selection Slow Motion Food Film Fest Nova Scotia, Canada
Official Selection Savannah Film Festival

Film Festivals 2012
Winner Best Feature Colorado Environmental Film Festival
Winner Documentary Runner Up Macon Film Festival
Official Selection Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Official Selection Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival, New Zealand



Sidenote, one my dreams is to run a farm school in addition to have my own variety show with my sister. How cool would that be? They have them up North. Why not here? And grow year round or raise livestock to compensate. Just saying. Putting the dream out there.


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  3. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    One of the farmers in the GROW movie is named Elliot.

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  5. Entered! Looks fabulous! I’m in farm country and can really appreciate it!

  6. Entered! Great giveaway thankyou!!

  7. Wow, it sounds like a really cool film!

  8. Jenny

  9. I like Paige and Justin from Serenbe farms. This looks like a great movie! If I win, I’m donating it to the organic community garden program at my local community college!

  10. Paige is one of the names.

  11. Elliot

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  14. Jenny!
    My BF is trying his hand at some of this so I think he’d really get good use out of the DVD. He helped me with ‘natural’ ways of tending to my garden and it took off!

    Thank you!

  15. Woodland Gardens, Celia

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