Giveaway/Review: If You Can’t Stand the Heat A New Orleans Firefighters Cookbook


A New Orleans Firefighter Cookbook

I read a description of Robert Medina’s cookbook and just fell in love. This is my kinda cookbook. Real food with descriptive recipes written by somebody with a dry sense of humor. I couldn’t ask for more (okay well maybe someone actually paying for my groceries and doing the cleanup). I emailed Robert Medina and begged him please please let me review this. I think ZombieMommy readers would love to hear about this.

“This is one of the most versatile things you can make. It is used in many dishes where a stuffing is required. I swear that if you stuffed this into an old tennis shoe it would make that shoe taste great” -Crabmeat Dressing pg.50

I was so excited when I got it! Just listen to the recipes, they roll off the tongue like butter! Cilantro Dressing, Shrimp Etoufee, Fried Meatballs with Gravy, Cajun Cordon Bleu, Fish Beignets and Remoulade Tartar Sauce, Smothered Chicken and Onions and Red Beans the Right Way. Are you drooling yet?

Softshell Fried Crab with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Okay hands down, the best part of this cookbook is the details. Every recipe is at least 2 to 3 paragraphs long. In my opinion, what makes a good recipe is the ability to alter it slightly, IF YOU KNOW WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO. Don’t tell my sister, but once she ran out of chili powder and substituted curry powder instead in the chili one evening at a potluck. It didn’t go well. I remember the first bite I took and my tastebuds and brains were at each other saying, “What, what, what was that?” From that day on, every time she makes food for our family gatherings, I tell her “don’t put curry powder in it”, with a elbow to her ribcage and a hyuck hyuck. Honestly though, I think she is kinda of tired of me bringing it up.

So why do you add the butter first with the flour? Because a good roux starts many flavor intensive dishes. Can you substitute a different white fleshed fish? There are reasons behind the explicit directions. Because if you know the WHY,  THEN you can substitute when your pantry list doesn’t match your recipe list. Cookbooks like this are great for the homemaker on a budget. When I write recipes for the internet I also tend to note what parts of the recipe are optional without bringing down the house.

Speaking of bringing down the house, Robert was a firefighter for 24 years.

I am sure he brought down the house many a time and when he wasn’t, he was cooking back at the station. And everyone there loved his cooking. In fact, people wouldn’t stop bugging him for the recipes. He finally gave in and just wrote a cookbook, “If You Can’t Stand the Heat, A New Orleans Firefighters Cookbook”.

It truly is Big Easy cooking made easy.

“As you can tell from this recipe, this dish is not for the faint at heart. I mean that literally. There is enough butter and cheese in here to sink a ship. For those of you who normally eat two percent cheese and spray butter, you might need to eat this once in a while just remind your  arteries what the good stuff is like”  –Baked Italian Shrimp Au Jus pg. 293

Find Robert Medina on Twitter, he loves to chat it up there. Or find Robert Medina’s book on Amazon here.

Want to win a copy? You can’t have mine, it already has buttery fingerprints!

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