Meat Monday: Zaycon Chicken? A Real Review by Mom’s Kitchen Desk

Is $1.69 a pound a good deal on chicken? Yes it is. Zaycon Foods delivers meat to your trunk for a very low price.

Recently my good friend ZombieMommySarah bought the deal.

A 40 pound case of fresh chicken.

Her job to was to divvy it up.

It is not recommend you shove the whole case in the freezer unless you are hosting a Barbeque for 100 this July or your last name is Duggar and the Bates are coming to visit for a week…

Here is Sarah’s Review from Mom’s Kitchen Desk.

“It was very easy picking up the chicken. it was only three miles from my house. It was in a sealed plastic bag and the breasts were attached to each other, and they were very very large.
A bit unnaturally large perhaps? ┬áBut I digress:) They weren’t terribly fatty.
I did trim some fat from each of them. It took me about 1 and a half hours to process them. I had a kitchen scale so I could bag them in one pound increments.
I ended up with 34 lbs of chicken, 2 lbs of trimmings that I threw away…so not sure why it was so short of 40. I am considering emailing or calling them about it. I don’t know if the weight was approximate, or if they weigh the box it came in. Also I know I dumped some liquid from them down the drain, maybe it was a couple pounds of blood?
All in all, it’s nice to have a bunch of chicken and not have to buy it for a while. Not sure I will do it again because I like the looks of the Harvestland chicken better** – it is twice the price though. Get what ya pay for:) And I spent about $4 on heavy duty ziplocs to store them and 1.5 hrs of my time in addition to the cost of the chicken.
Just wanted to give you my review:)
Love, Sarah
Sarah blogs over at Mom’s Kitchen Desk. She is a professional Gluten Free Baker and loves to post Feingold and Gluten Free Recipes. Head on over and give her some love.

So What Are Your Thoughts on Zaycon’s Chicken*? Is it a good deal?

I have attached my referral link to Zaycon foods. This is a great deal on chicken if you need to really save on your meat budget.

However, if you are used to organic chicken the breast size might be a tad on the undesirable side.

*This is an affiliate link, if you end up ordering.
**Harvestland Chicken is available at BJ’s. It works out to about $3.50 a pound but for nearly organic chicken breasts.



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