Pantry Meal Cooking for One-Tuna and Kidney Beans

I have probably posted this before. But here you go. Dinner for one in a flash. You can add instant or leftover rice to bulk this up. Heat up 1 can of drained and rinsed kidney beans. 1 can of drained tuna fish (I prefer tuna in oil myself). Swirl in a couple of tablespoons […]

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Land O Lakes Butter Sale at Kroger $1.99lb


It’s that time of year. Every year I wait for it. The Land O Lakes Sale at Kroger. It’s part of the buy 10 get $5.00 off event. You don’t have to buy 10 of just butter, you can mix and match. I didn’t. I bought 10lbs. Yes, the best butter for making cookies and […]

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Ugliest Mom Costume Contest


My near sighted Middle Eastern rodeo clown costume went over like a box of shots. 

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Publix Deals-HUGE HALF n HALF deal!


I was in Publix today and saw some good prices that I wanted to share in case you stop by today or tomorrow. Half and Half is an amazing price, typically a half gallon (two quarts) is about $3.50. That is the average. Sometimes you find quarts for about $1.75 which is the same. However […]

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Your Greens Taste Like Phish Sweat


A repost……. Actually I did have a shoe dropped in my greens last year New Years. The kids were playing soccer in the car, right? And next thing a I know a lone birkenstock winds up in the collard greens. “Splash”.   The lone shoe was intended for the homeless (a certain charity takes singles), […]

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Whole Foods Deals This Week Good 10/10-10/15

Big thanks as always to Organic Deals for this week’s Whole Foods Deals! SUJA Elements Smoothies $4.99 -$2/1 SUJA Elements Printable (zip code 77477) or -$1.50/1 SUJA Elements Coupon =$2.99 – $3.49 Uncle Matts Organic Orange Juice $5.49 (59 oz) -$.75/1 Uncle Matt’s Coupon or -$1/1 Uncle Matt’s Printable Coupon -$.75 Ibotta Orange Juice Offer=$3.74 […]

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AMF Bowling Woodstock Lanes

Family Fun Bowling Woodstock

It was my son’s birthday that week. We wanted to do something special and as a family. Family outings are important. If you can get along as a family you can get along in the world, I say. We chose bowling! Loaded up the kids (all 4 of them) and headed over to AMF Bowling […]

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Whole Foods Deals 9/25-10/1

Thanks to Organic Deals for the Whole Foods Deals of the Week! OrganicGirl Salads $3.50 -$1/1 OrganicGirl Salad Coupon (when you sign up) =$2.50 HappyBaby Pouches $1.49 -$1/2 HappyBaby Printable =$.99 Organic Valley Butter $3.99 -$1/2 Organic Valley Butter Coupon in the Summer 2013 Mambo Sprouts Coupon Book =$3.49 Clif Kid Zbars $3.99 -$.75 Ibotta […]

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Sweet Potato Chili With Black Beans 15 Minute Dinner


I needed to eat and it needed to be something from the pantry. Already had rice pasta for lunch. Hmm…. Sweet potatoes and cumin? I remember reading about some sweet potato quesadillas 8 years ago. Sweet Potato Chili with Black Beans Canned Sweet Potato 29oz (that’s the big can mama) 3 tbs butter 1 can […]

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Whole Foods Deals this Week- At Harry’s in Marietta $4.99 Grass Fed Ground Friday Only


I am so excited. I love grass fed beef. It all started years ago when I found a little place 45 miles away that you could buy grass fed from for $2.89 a lb! And then I told a friend. And another. But of course it went up. $3.50 then $4.19. I think she is […]

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