What’s Worth Buying At Aldi

What’s Worth Buying at Aldi

Below are the best Aldi values.

If you are new to shopping at Aldi check out my post “First Time Shopping at Aldi“.

Prices Updated January 5, 2013

Butter 1lb $2.79

(now you know how I feed my butter addiction)

German Roast Coffee 16oz $4.99

(most coffee in store is 11.9oz these days)

Baby Wipes $.99

1,000 Sheet Roll Toilet Tissue $2.49

(compare to Scott Toilet Tissue better for septic)

Diapers Jumbo Pack $4.99

(These are higher quality than Kroger, Walgreens and CVS Store brands in my opinion)

Old Fashioned Oats 42oz $1.99

(That’s the big can baby)

Sour Cream $1.29

8oz Chunk Cheese $1.79

Diced Tomatoes 14oz $.55

Parmesan Cheese$2.39

(sometimes this is cheaper at the other grocery stores)

Iodized Table Salt $.39

Baking Soda $.49

Cream Cheese $1.19

Chicken Broth $1.49

Organic Blue Corn Chips 9oz $1.69

Raisins 15oz $1.79

Liquid Laundry Detergent $2.39, 32 loads

Whole Kernel Corn 14oz $.59

Extra Fine Frozen Green Beans (compare to Trader Joes) $1.49

(country of origin Netherlands/sometimes its France)

Tomato Sauce 8oz $.29

Tortillas $1.29

Chunk Tuna in Water $.59 (in oil .20 cents more)

All Purpose Bleached Flour 5lb $1.79

Pure Vanilla 2oz, $1.99

(not the best vanilla in the world, McCormicks from Sams better deal but if you don’t have a Sams then this is a good deal)

4lb Sugar $2.29

(this may seem high but the going rate for store brand is $3.49)

Brown Sugar 2lbs $1.39

Refried Beans $.69

Avocados $.79


Half and Half Quart $1.49

Lunch Meat 9oz. $2.49


Spaghetti Sauce 24oz $1.19

(no HFCS but does have soybean oil)

Clancy Potato Chips 11oz $1.49

(Delicious chips compare to Ruffles


Black Beans $.59


Did you like this? Lets just say ever since the Aldi opened up near my house, my couponing went way down. The prices on 80% of my groceries were lower than my ┬áprevious ‘matching sale with a coupon’ wheeling and dealing I used to do.

Let me know your thoughts on Aldi below!