How to Save Money On Diapers, A Real Mom’s Decision

There are several options:

  1. Find great deals online or at the store
  2. Use cloth diapers
  3. Teach Elimination Communication

Cloth diapers are great, especially if you have a decent washer machine, it’s not in the basement and you have the time. Each year they come out with some great new cloth diaper designs. ZombieMommyJoy did her research and fell in love with Grovia (check out the Owl cover, isn’t it cute?).


The best part is that you can actually sell your cloth diapers when you are finished for 65%-90% of your investment at DiaperSwappers or Craigslist! When I went full force into cloth diapering, Bum Genuis was the hottest diaper at the moment. Seriously these cloth diapers are a lot different than your Grandmas.

However, ff this is isn’t for you, and  it wasn’t for me after kid four, paper is the easiest. Here is how I save on diapers today.

Note, I am not going to talk about Amazon Mom, they have recently reorganized that program so I don’t think it’s worth promoting anymore.

There are two sites I think are worth reading each week for their diaper deals.

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What is your favorite diaper deal hunting site? Leave a comment below.

My #3 suggestion was Elimination Communication. I have  a friend who uses it and loves it. Check out her blog Peony 78.

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Saving On Diapers- Money Saving Tips For Families

Diapers, cloth versus paper. I have done both. Been there, done that and used the tshirt to make another cloth diaper. Seriously.

If you are really short on cash you can get a 4-6 diaper covers like Thirsties and make your own cloth cotton diapers. Somehow the world still rotated before Huggies.

Is it messier than paper? Yes.
Does it stink more than paper? Only if you don’t wash them properly.

But will it save your family money? Yes.

  1. Cut the yellowed armpit tshirt sleeves off.
  2. Fold it the main body into a long rectangle.
  3. Sew around edges. Done.


And if you are really short of covers in a pinch duct tape and garbage bags will work. This is a real shot of when I once ran out of diapers!
Garbage bag diaper duct tape zombiemommysaves

Cheap Cloth Diaper Covers Thirsties Sale at Mom’s Milk Boutique

If you have ever considered trying out cloth diapers.
Or have a very small stash and need a little more help but not at a big price. I bought 2 covers today for 9.12 each!

Right now they are having a sale, 15% off Thirsties Diaper Covers.
I have about 10 cloth diapers, the old school diaper service quality thick cotton kind (that I bought at garage sales and church sales for about 50 cents to a buck each).
However I don’t like using them without a cover. I actually just lay the diaper inside the Thirsties cover and using the velcro tabs make a tight fit just like using a paper diaper. Look ma no pins!

Click here to visit Mom’s Milk Boutique

Its that easy.And the best part is that you can use the Thirsties covers again without washing. Assuming its not super wet or stinky you just wipe it and let it air dry and put it back on later.

Now using a cloth diaper inside a cover may not last more than 3-4 hours (all in ones and pocket diapers like bumgenius can last 5-8 hours with extra inserts), but if you only have a small stash of bumgenius all in ones like me (I only have 6).
Its great! Now if you can find a good deal on bumgenius go for it. I paid about 15 new for them on sale at with coupon codes from

Oh yeah, did you know that you can sell your diapers and diaper covers for 75-90% of the cost you paid for them? Actually you could sell the Thirstie covers in good condition for 10 bucks easily at

So go for it collect a stash. I probably use cloth about 80% of the time and it feels good to get them out of the dryer.

PS I didn’t have 100 bucks up front to start cloth diapering, so start in small stages. Buy bits at church sales or used at diaperswappers. Sometimes you can find stuff cheap at craigslist too.

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