Toddler Dies in Hot Car-Moms How Can We End This?

UPDATE: I think this solution makes the most sense.



Yesterday in Atlanta, another child died because they were left in hot car. I was actually surprised because earlier that day on Facebook I saw some posts reminding people of the dangers of it, so I thought the news story was about reminding us to check. No, it wasn’t. It was another fatality. A parent forgot to drop the child off at daycare and went to work. IMG_4866 Now before we go too far. This is not about us reprimanding or scolding the parent. This post is about coming up with solutions. Let’s review first how these things happen. Typically a parent (man or woman) drives the child to work and forgets they are there. Perhaps the child falls asleep in the car and never makes a peep. Perhaps the other parent does the buckling. Perhaps the child was crying all night and no one slept well. Maybe it’s dark when they are driving and don’t see the child in the rear view. Maybe both parents are overworked or on a deadline. There are million reasons and in this age of endless DISTRACTIONS, things happen. So let’s agree not to judge here. I suggest we as Moms come up with a solution. We are a creative bunch. Mom’s are resourceful. Mommy is making sandwiches with right hand, holding phone with her shoulder, wiping up apple juice with her foot and loading the dishwasher all at the same time.


Call this a “group think” among Moms. Now I realize that maybe by luck one of our answers may turn into a REAL solution if it was to fall in the right hands. I am sorry if someone steals it, but who cares, you saved lives right?

Did you know if you think about a problem, there are usually at least 5 ways to solve it?

Yes! You may think there is only one way to handle something but I have learned if you think hard enough you usually can come up with 5 choices, even when you think you only have 1.


Problem: Baby/Child Left in Car During Work/Not Dropped off at Day Care

Challenge: Come Up  With 5 (or 1) Ways To Solve This

Limitations: No limitations, do not be mentally blocked by ‘this would be too expensive’, ‘unrealistic’, ‘unfeasible’ (we are brainstorming not manufacturing anything yet). Don’t limit your mommy creativity!

PS No making fun or criticizing ideas here, again, that will limit us.

Here are my top 5 I came up with over my morning coffee. 1) Create a weight sensor that triggers alarm (external) if car is not motion for 20 minutes and weight is in seat. 2) Every time car ignition is turned off  an alarm sounds until button is pushed physically on the car seat. 3) Create system where if child doesn’t show up at daycare by say 9am, emails and texts are sent to parents. 4) Weight sensor and GPS, alarm sounds if weight is in car seat and car arrives at parent’s work destination. 5) Make a habit of placing your cell phone and purse or wallet on floorboard in front of child every morning. You won’t walk into work without that cell phone!

What can you come up with?



  1. Beverly Csenar says:

    I saw on t.v. that you need to keep a large stuffed animal in the carseat when you have not child in there. When you put the child in the carseat put the bear next to you in the car. That way it will remind you that the child is in the carseat.

  2. Beverly Csenar says:

    second line should say don’t have a child in the seat.

  3. Dear car makers….you can make intelligent car seats that can turn off air bags based on the weight of the passenger. GPS, wheel vibration for dozing drivers,……please please make a car or gadget that can help parents protect their kids from being accidentally locked in a car.

  4. Make it a habit to check every carseat, every time you get out of the car.

  5. A weight detector that sounds the horn or alarm if the weight from the car seat is not removed within x amount of seconds after the car is turned off. Or something that starts to beep right away.

  6. Rebekah says:

    If you have older kids, explain to them that no child should EVER be left in the car. That way, if they notice someone being left, they know you aren’t doing it on purpose and to bring it to your attention. Yes, I have nothing but pity for the parents this has happened to. It really could happen to anyone I think.

  7. Marie Wolfe says:

    Keep your important items that you take with you – purse, phone, lunch – in the back seat next to the car seat. Turn the radio/stereo off and drive in silence or sing with your little one.

  8. These are all great ideas! Thank you!!!!!!

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